The Renaissance of Indian Hills

The word ‘renaissance’ means rebirth.  As we look through our wonderful neighborhood, we can see how much this word describes our community.  From extensive renovations, to actual new construction homes.  The question is asked often of me: Are the tear downs bringing down the value of my home, to where it’s worth is only in the dirt?  The quick answer is no. Being a community of almost 1600 homes, I foresee us always having the eclectic neighborhood we all know and love.

In the late 1930’s my grandfather Andrew Anderson built a building in downtown Atlanta which would now be known as a live/work/play building.  In the mid 1960’s my father built a hundred unit apartment complex way out in the middle of nowhere, on the corner that we now know as Roswell Road and Wieuca Road.  In the early 1980’s my husband Ed Morgan had the vision of turning abandoned airplane hangers into office space in El Paso, Texas.  In the early 2000’s I was fortunate enough to be involved in the very first home to be torn down with a beautiful new home replacing it in Indian Hills Country Club Estates.  I wonder what our son Andrew Morgan will leave as his legacy.

With most of the houses in Indian Hills being built in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s the infield concept was inevitable.  Al Donnon of Donnon Builders Inc. purchased a home to renovate, after further investigation of the property and prior to renovation it was found that the band board had completely rotted out.  This meant the cost to renovate would have exceeded fair market value of the renovated home.  We were able to broker a transaction with a custom home builder to purchase that house, tear it down, and build the first new home in forty years in Indian Hills.  Today it is estimated that over 125 houses have been removed and replaced with new ones.  The market to sell homes to be renovated is thriving.  Our community offers housing for everyone, with all sizes and shapes and architectural styles.  The truly spectacular homes are those that have been re-invented by the current homeowner, and we have yet to see them on the market, and that is why our value will never be the dirt alone.

Our location affords us a quick commute to downtown Atlanta and all major highway systems, proximity to recreational areas such as the Chattahoochee River trails and the brand new Suntrust Park, fabulous East Cobb Schools and a true feeling of community, not to mention a private country club in the center of our very own neighborhood that offers 27 holes of golf with memberships still at reasonable cost.  These are just a few of the reasons that Indian Hills will always be the place to live.  You have heard it said by me and others, Indian Hills is hot hot hot.  Those words are not just a marketing ploy.  Being a part of second and third generation homeowners within a community is a dream that only Indian Hills can make possible.  It has been my pleasure to live, work, play, church, and serve Indian Hills for the past 25 years.



Page Morgan

Keller Williams Realty Atlanta North

What Makes Marietta, GA an Attractive Place to Live?

If you are interested in living in Georgia and Atlanta appears to be not only costly but also very crowded, you have a great option in the shape of Marietta. It is the county seat of Cobb County and also its largest city. Located centrally inside Georgia, Marietta has emerged as a very attractive proposition for living for many families. Not only is Marietta very close to capital Atlanta, it is also a very safe place to live while enjoying a very high quality lifestyle.

If you are looking for a city in Georgia that is elegant and very well managed, it has to be Marietta. The city has registered exponential growth, benefiting from its close proximity to Atlanta. You can easily reach Atlanta within a few minutes in your car by taking a ride on Interstate 285. However, you wouldn’t need to go to Atlanta often as this city has everything to live a quiet and peaceful life.

Marietta is known for providing high quality education to the kids through its strong network of public and private schools. Though many still refer to Marietta as a large suburb of Atlanta, it is in itself a large city offering all modern amenities to its residents. The city is termed as highly family friendly with many opportunities for shopping and recreation. For entertainment, Marietta has no less than 18 parks and three theaters. If you are health conscious and fond of walking, you would love to put on your walking shoes when in Marietta.

Marietta offers sunny weather conditions all year round. For those getting employment inside Marietta, the average commute time is less than half an hour. Median property value in Marietta is only $211,500, making it easy for families to buy a property and live in Marietta. You would be pleased to know that it happens to be one of the 6 most affordable cities in Georgia with a cost of living lower than the national average.

If you are looking for livability score to compare Marietta with the state of Georgia and the entire country on the whole, you would be happy to know that while this score for USA is 70 and 70 for Georgia as well, the score for Marietta is 74.

There are many options for you in terms of homes and condos in Marietta. It is prudent to take advice of a local experienced realtor to get a good deal when you decide to buy a home in Marietta.